"Olé" is a tv show about sports.
The briefing was that I should develop an opening sequence for this program and the target audience would be young-adults and teenagers. All sport subjects would be discussed in a funny way.
I decided to use pixel art and the vintage Atari 2600 as reference of  a retro-modern youth culture, taking them to a 3d environment. The arrows and symbols that appear interacting with the players represent the idea of the review of the game, something used very often by TV Channels, mainly to discuss something done or that should be done in a particular moment of the game. 
I developed the storyboard thinking that every scene should have a gag, something absurd. I had lots of fun doing this job indeed.
My role: Concept art, storyboard, 3D characters and scenes, animation, composition.
On air on TV Bandeirantes (Brazil)

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